By John McNee

Managing editor, Forestry Journal and essentialARB

These are very exciting times for Scottish forestry.

The importance of our woodlands is becoming a priority for government as it works to become carbon neutral. At the same time, as the world looks to a more sustainable future, the value of the forestry industry is finally being recognised by the public.

Within the UK, in many respects, Scotland is already leading the way, greatly exceeding its most recent targets for tree-planting. In other areas, such as forest management, harvesting technology and agroforestry, there is a lot we could be doing better.

It’s been said that Scotland’s exceptional potential for planting trees, carbon capture and storage will allow us the possibility of being carbon-free by 2045. But if we’re to reach those kind of goals we need a robust industry that’s up to the task of supporting, managing and harvesting those trees, ensuring a perpetual cycle of felling and replanting, with a continuous supply of timber to meet the urgent demands of the construction trade.

With that in mind, there could not be a more ideal time to bring a show of this magnitude to Scotland. Forestry Expo will provide an outstanding opportunity to see the best the industry is capable of and bear witness to an incredible transformation in the forests of Little Clyde when it opens for its two-day event, on August 22 and 23.

The unique nature of this show, bringing together four of the world’s leading manufacturers to work side by side, cannot be overstated.

No other show in Europe provides visitors with the kind of spectacle Forestry Expo will be offering, with more than 20 of the most advanced machines on the market working at full power to clear 10,000 cubic metres of trees in two days.

Away from the harvesting site, upwards of 50 exhibitors will be offering products, services and advice covering every aspect of modern forestry, ensuring, whether you’re an old hand or a complete novice, you will find something to enhance your understanding or your business.

I couldn’t be more excited for Forestry Expo Scotland 2019 and its potential to promote and improve Scotland’s forestry sector. I hope this show will be the first of many in the years ahead.

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