WIND TURBINE owners in Scotland and the North of England are being promised reduced downtime for servicing, rebuilds and upgrades from a new service facility opening near Glasgow.

Wind turbine operations and maintenance company Natural Generation has announced that, in addition to expanding its head office workshop in Cornwall, it is taking over a new larger space in Bathgate to improve service levels for turbine owners in the northern half of the UK. The facility will be geared around Endurance, Vestas and Northern Power turbines, amongst others.

Unlike the smaller location it replaces, the new Bathgate facility will act not only as a spares store for Natural Generation’s wind turbine technicians in Scotland, but as a full-service workshop where turbine repairs, overhauls and upgrades can be carried out. Hitherto, all turbines requiring major works had to be transported to their Head Office.

“We are constantly looking to strengthen our offer and we’ve made several changes to improve the service we can offer our customers throughout the UK," said Natural Generation’s managing director, Ivor Thomson. "The new Bathgate facility will reduce the time it takes us to carry out major overhauls on turbines in Scotland and the North of England, as well as providing a saving on transport costs that we can pass on to customers. It also helps us cut the carbon footprint of medium-scale wind power further, which is the overall name of the game obviously."

Natural Generation now has over £1million worth of spares inventory held on the shelf in three locations in England, Wales and Scotland in order to speed up repairs and upgrades of wind turbines wherever in the UK they may be.