AGRI-TECH supplier McCaskie has been announced as the first company in the UK to be approved for turbine manufacturer Eocycle’s Wind Energy Partnership Program.

McCaskie can now offer Eocycle’s 25kW and 100kW wind turbines to farmers and rural businesses looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions. Eocycle's stats suggest that energy produced by its wind turbines over their lifetime can cost as little as five pence per kWh, offering long term protection from energy market volatility.

McCaskie director, Neil Rettie, said the partnership's timing 'could not be better' as the agricultural sector's focus increasingly shifts to a green recovery, exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. Mr Rettie also noted that it is now possible to get up to £100,000 interest free funding from the Scottish Government through Zero Waste Scotland, making this a very opportune time to invest in renewable energy.

"McCaskie is committed to doing its part in combatting the climate emergency, the addition of wind energy to an already vast portfolio of agricultural equipment and supplies is testament to this," said Mr Rettie.

"By virtue of its technical superiority, an Eocycle wind turbine offers farms and businesses the possibility of reducing both their energy costs and their carbon footprint for decades, by producing their own electricity from a reliable renewable source."

Eocycle offer full-service distributed wind energy solutions globally for both on-grid and off-grid applications, with or without storage. Its 25kW machine, the EO25, has a simple design with few moving parts, with a patented generator which develops a tremendous amount of torque and power density at low RPM. This results in a reliable solution with significantly less downtime. Combined with a web-based monitoring system, the turbine's service calls and maintenance costs are said to be minimal – and claims to offer the lowest cost of energy in its class. Its XANT M 100kW wind turbine offers an attractive solution for farms, businesses, and communities with greater energy needs.

McCaskie Ltd, founded in 1957, have now been providing services to British agriculture for over 60 years – specialising in the latest technologies in robotics, feeding, cooling and other fixed farm equipment. Its energy division has been helping farms reduce their own energy requirements and offsetting energy usage with new technology and innovation in renewables and other technology to make agriculture more sustainable for future generations.