Creators of the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector, SolarisKit Limited, have been accepted onto the new accelerator programme at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc in Dundee.

The company will now establish a new assembly line at MSIP to build its solar thermal collectors, which can provide affordable hot water systems and clean energy for millions of people living in geographies termed ‘the global south’ – sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Central America and SE Asia.

Founder Faisal Ghani said: “Our plan is to set up a new manufacturing assembly line to produce an initial run of 100 flat-packable solar thermal units destined for a trial project we are undertaking in Rwanda to demonstrate both the environmental and socio-economic impact achieved from the supply of affordable clean energy.

"In our first year of manufacture, we aim to employ an initial eight staff, doubling the size of the workforce over the following two years.”

Assembled in 30 minutes, the SolarisKit solar collector can convert sunlight efficiently into hot water to meet the needs of most homes or businesses, with the potential to save energy costs of up to 70%. In most standard weather conditions, the SolarisKit is capable of heating water to temperatures of up to 50 degrees C, perfect for normal showering and laundry requirements.

Sunlight enters the collector through its transparent side panels and strikes the black, internal coil, which is then heated through solar radiation. Water is then circulated through the coil using a small pump, heated and stored in an insulated water tank for later use. Each solar collector can save approximately 300kgs of carbon emissions per year.

By 2025, SolarisKit aims to install over 90,000 collectors, annually saving over 27 million kilograms of carbon emissions.