Some juniors headed south chasing premier show results to some effect.

Shaunie Greig was on fire at the recent Addington 148cm premier where she thrashed the competition in the two majors at the show, more than making up for a nightmare journey home following a truck breakdown.

She started with a win and a second in the Winter JA Classic with a determined round on the dun, Destavelars Misty, followed closely by the evergreen Moonlight Flight.

On day two, she beat some of the best 148cm ponies in the country to claim the same class this time on her South View 1.2m victor, Casino Royale, with Moonlight Flight slotting into second, with a pole down in the third jump-off.

Nicole Lockhead Anderson finished fifth in the second winter classic, on Lyncott Fancy Pants, but was also in the money in the Winter JC when Tiernisks Cruising Clover had a fourth and fifth. Epee Nazar, Beechcomber and Gangnam Style were also in the money as was Vicky Selby on the family’s super little mare, Bay Friend.

At the Aintree Elite Show, Fraser Reed jumped some good rounds on his Arena UK winter grade C winner, Wabs De V, as well as the six-year-old Viktor. Taking over the ride on the 15-year-old Wabs De V from Christie Pritchard, in December, he moved up to 1.4m classes at Aintree, having one pole on the ground before tackling their first Grand Prix. This should be a combination to watch out for as they get to know each other.

Lea Brash was another heading to this show where she recorded some good rounds with the now 17-year-old winter amateur qualified, Bon Ami.

Two more Scots travelled to Alnwick Ford to scoop up the first of this year’s RHS qualifiers, Sandy McLean riding for Richard Duncan steered Zandeur Clover round to head the Andrew Hamilton RHS novice qualifier whilst Monkton-based Elspeth Jamieson rode her mother’s VIP Cooley to finish just outside the money in a 1.3m before a scorching win in the jump-off for the RHS Classic qualifier.

Back at home and Lucy Watson was on flying form to head the 70cm at SNEC on Winnie Bothwell. Croftgary Coconova has only been with Lucy a short amount of time, yet they slotted into third.

Recently returned from a short break, Aimee Mason and her grey, Marshways Perfect Puzzle, hit form at Muirmill when they had two wins. And, carrying on to SNEC, they slotted into third in a fast and busy 90cm – won by Katie Woods Young on the super quick Apache Joe, whichalso headed the following 1m. with Amy Morris on Forest Bramble slotting in between.

LEADING awards

SNEC Juniors

70cm – 1, Winnie Bothwell, L Watson; 2, Tynebank Royal Jester, M McMyn; 3, Croftgary Coconova, L Watson. Stepping stones – 1, Cosmic Chaos, M Walker; 2, Tynebank Royal Jester; 3, Silver Secret, N McGhee. British Novice – 1, Antrim Unique, S Cobban; 2, Aces Diamond Rio, C Fergusson; 3, Everwood Belle Amie, S Cobban. 80cm – 1, Swanieston Simply Red, E Scott-Watson; 2, Rockmount Renegade, E McGhee; 3, Patterson, M Turnbull. 90cm – 1, Apache Joe, K Woods-Young; 2, Forest Bramble, A Morris; 3, Marshways Perfect Puzzle, A Mason. Springboard 128/138 handicap – 1, shared. Newcomer/1m – 1, Apache Joe; 2, Knix Unique Amethyst, E Woods; 3, O’Haras Dream, I Kerr. Foxhunter/1.1m – 1, Braveheart Warrior, J Ross; 2, Oakhurst In The Spotlight, C McGowan; 3, Rockmount Casper, C Templeton.


70cm – 1, Tilly, L Forrest; 2, HI Holburn, M Leith; 3, Threes A Charm, Z Guild. 85cm Nat Am – 1, Tullycars Peek A Boo, M Cowan; 2, WKD Cosmopolitan, L Forrest; 3, Electra VII, L Lane. 95cm Nat Am – 1, Cashbreaker D, S Hyslop; 2, Electra VII; 3, WKD Cosmopolitan. 1m open – 1, Ciarans Boy, N Ironside; 2, Drop Anchor, A Quinn; 3, Ettrick Lilly, J Oakden. 1.05m Nat Am – 1, Drop Anchor; 2, Kengarth Mika, L Stronach; 3, Victoria Grafin, L Carracher. 1.1m Nat Am – 1, Darco VI, C Buckle; 2, Kengarth Mika; 3, Ferrona, N Ironside. 1.15m members’ cup – 1, A Little Gem, Celeste Cameron; 2, Ferrona; 3, SVS Upbeat, J Oakden.