The Hamilton household have had a lot to celebrate the last few weeks with younger sister Natasha victorious at the small pony Premier show and now older sister Charley heading one of the biggest classes of the 148cm Premier held at Morris EC.

Just 15 started in the Charles Britton Winter JA Classic qualifier, with eight going through to the second round then just five through to the third and final timed round.

The fences were raised for this final decider yet it was the first fence that caught out three of these challengers.

Careful over the first, Charley steered her 11-year-old Novella II round in a time of 51.11s, considerably slower than Faye Sutton on Robe Ruah’s 43.26s but returning the necessary clear.

Hannah Barker was another to play it safe and give the fences some respect steering Ammanvalley Santino into second with the only other treble clear in 52.64s.

Currently lying 12th in the Gold League with Novella, Charley is lucky enough to have her family’s Tillyoch Equestrian Centre to jump at through the winter months.

Sandy who is dividing his time between ponies and horses and winning on both claimed four classes over the weekend. Two with Tobar King, his HOYS finalist, and two with another pure-bred Connemara Kippure Lancelot, a class 1 stallion which has won working hunter and performance classes before concentrating on show jumping with Sandy on board.

Sunday’s Charles Britton JA Classic saw another Scottish victory. This time it was the turn of Aberdeen’s Nicole Lockhead Anderson to head the qualifier on her pony Gangnam Style.

Produced by Nicole from a novice there is not much this pony hasn’t done including appearances at HOYS and Olympia recently.

After just missing out at Addington then finishing fourth on Saturday it was their turn to leave all the fences intact on Sunday to scorch round over four seconds quicker than the only other treble clear to take the spoils.

Slotting into second was north east of England rider Billy Luther on his cremello Crème De La Crème.

Shaunie Greig has been on fire recently so it was no surprise to see her wearing a red rosette but to do it in the substantial Winter JC competition on a pony she hardly knows just shows the depth of talent this young lady from Fife has.

Having ridden Teagen Arla Rose at Addington in a class they had only a few days at home to get to know each other.

By the Goodtimes/Concerto stallion Alex H out of a Coolgrange Lad/Skyboy mare this eight-year-old AES was lucky to get in under the height with full horse breeding and a half-brother out of the same mother standing at 16 hands.

Despite their lack of mileage together, Shaunie and Teagan Arla Rose managed to stop the clock almost a second and a half quicker than nearest rival Jessica Howard on Rocky Robin with these two taking the direct Hickstead tickets with Holly Cooper and Valentino Surprise in third with the final zero score.

Ella had finished third in the previous day’s Winter JC qualifier which was won this time by Alice Weightman on Epapke.

A nine-year-old by the Dutch stallion Baldwin B Epapke has been produced by Huddersfield-based Alice for two years and has already been a HOYS finalist.

Finishing third at Addington with a treble clear they were delighted to stand at the top of the line here with the faster of just two treble clears.

The Morris family had plenty to celebrate when their RS Capello stood second being Alice to take his ticket.

Described as unruly when purchased, Megan has worked away with this pony from his first few outings where he cleared the warm u arena with his antics, to jumping Foxhunter second rounds showing his talent.

Shropshire-based Ella Quigley was in the money throughout the show but gained an outright win in the BS Special with Seamus II which took every turn available on Raf’s course to finish eight seconds clear.

Second at South View, third at Addington they were due this win which saw them stand in front of Tania Andrews’ Beech Comber and Nicole Lockhead Anderson and Anoushka Muaree on the consistent Miami Moonbeam.

LEADING awards

148cm Premier February 2018 – Newcomers – 1, Kipure Lancelot, S McLean; 2, Glencroft Beal Na Blath, M Woodcock; 3, El Zarka, H Mayvers. 1m open – 1, Sires Des Islots, H Wood; 2, Magic Cornflakes, E Banks; 3, Horseabout Zibu, T Mauree. Blue Chip Pro Sparkle JC/JA – 1, Tobar King, S McLean; 2, Novellas, C Hamilton; 3, Lucy Rocks, F Sutton. Charles Britton winter JA – 1, Novella, C Hamilton; 2, Ammanvalley Santino, H Barker; 3, Robe Ruah, F Sutton.Winter JC – 1, Epapke, A Weightman; 2, RS Capello, M Morris; 3, Clemens 43, E Quigley. Foxhunter/1.1m – 1, Seamus II, E Quigley; 2, Castlebaldwin Golden Arrow, C Hamilton; 3, Appache Brave, K Benson. BS 148cm Special – 1, Seamus, E Quigley; 2, Beech Comber, N Lockhead Anderson; 3, Miami Moonbeam, A Mauree. Newcomers – 1, Kipure Lancelot; 2, Whos Bentho, S Greig; 3, Teagan Arla Rose, S Greig. 1m open – 1, Little Star, N Lockhead Anderson; 2, Westervelds Forijn, T Mauree; 3, Horseabout Zibu. JC/JA handicap – 1, Tobar King; 2, Midnight Minuet, S McLean; 3, Crème De La Crème, B Luther. Winter JC – 1, Teagan Ala Rose; 2, Rocky Robin, J Howard; 3, Valemtino Supreme, H Cooper. Charles Britton winter JA – 1, Gangnam Style, N Lockhead Anderson; 2, Crème De La Crème; 3 Wildwood Silver, N Lockhead Anderson. 148cm restricted – 1, Castlebaldwin Golden Arrow; 2, Beech Comber; 3, Miami Moonbeam.