If you are have lost your confidence where riding is concerned, maybe it’s time to seek help to get you back in the saddle.

Fifteen years ago whilst studying hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, Jane Brindley, herself a rider and highland pony owner, realised that what she was learning could be applied to help riders overcome confidence issues and achieve their riding goals through developing a stronger mindset.

Over the last 15 years, she has helped many riders through 1:1 sessions, talks and workshops often working in collaboration with riding trainers and coaches, most notably Liz Daniels, of Equiteam Confidence Camps, which run at Lindores Equestrian, in Fife.

Working with riders ‘off horse’, where they can be totally comfortable, Jane will help you learn how you can change as a rider, move out of your comfort zone and learn to use your thoughts in a more helpful way.

Blairgowrie-based Emily Cuthill, who runs EC Therapies and the successful Milnfield Park Stud, said: “I went to Jane in 2014 after having a car crash that stopped me riding. A year later I couldn’t bring myself to ride a horse, which was my passion in life.

"Jane worked her magic and after two sessions I felt I had more confidence and that I could do it! Four years later and I have been back riding and gone to shows like the Royal Highland and Great Yorkshire and although my horse was out of his comfort zone, I had the confidence to give him a pat and ride him through it. None of this would have been possible without her.”

Jane added: “It’s been amazing being able to help riders regain their enjoyment of this wonderful sport and to help competitive riders develop the mental skills they need to successfully perform at all levels of equestrian sport.”

See www.horseridingwithconfidence scotland.co.uk, based in Dollar, for more information.