LAST Saturday’s Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group’s youngstock show at Caledonian Marts, Stirling, saw Derek Burnett, of Arn Place, Udny, in the hot seat judging the ponies.

Taking supreme champion title was Lisa Wilson’s Myreton Glory. The breeding behind this comes is Claylands Prince of Foxt as the sire, with the mother being Warrackston Guylian.

In reserve overall was Mawcarse Shetland’s Warrackstone Milly. Best foal was Eynhallow Stud’s Eynhallow Dutch Corrie.

The champion young handler prize was awarded to Anna Marshall, who was picked out from the 7-11-year-old class, with Murrin Thomson taking the reserve title.

Leading awards

Miniature championship – champion – G McIntosh’s Ardanbeag Loudon; reserve – A McConville’s Doonpark Hope; foal – R Beattie’s Milday India Jane.

Standard black championship – champion – Mawcarse Shetlands’ Warrackstone Milly; reserve – Eynhallow Stud’s Eynhallow Dutch Corrie; foal – Eynhallow Stud’s Eynhallow Dutch Corrie.

Standard coloured championship – champion - LM Wilson’s Myreton Glory; reserve – Mawcarse Shetlands’ Mawcarse Jozilynne; foal – Mawcarse Shetlands’ Mawcarse Gyllan.

Young handler six years and under – 1, Finlay Brough, Eynhallow Black Beauty; 2, Rafe Leavey, Harviestoun Parador; 3, Lewis Brough, Eynhallow Contessa.

Young handler 7-11 years old – 1, Anna Marshall, Struie Polly; 2, Annina Leavey, Harviestoun Parador; 3, Calum Dow, Koistie Midnight Star.

Young handler 12-16 years old – 1, Murrin Thomson, Endrick Hermione;

Miniature colt foal – 1, LM Wilson, Myreton Marmaduke, by Myreton Talisman out of North-Wells Golden Dando; 2, G McIntosh, Ardanbeag Quoyness (Ardanbeag Lomond x Ardanbeag Fairy’s Quennel); 3, L Cochrane, Gue Unst (Buxted Explorer x Gue Lily); 4, L Cochrane, Abbygreen Doric (Cranford Pastime x Doonpark Doreen’s Girl).

Miniature filly foal – 1, R Beattie, Milday India Jane (Tawna Golden Shred x Milday Jan); 2, D Stewart-Shanley, Moorfoot Joy (Hermits Diplomat x Moorfoot Lola May); 3, G McIntosh, Loanin Anise (Loanin Nuggett x Loanin Cinnamon), 4, L Wylie: Gilslandwells River (Hermits Diplomat x: Gilslandwells Kayla); 5, J Mitchell, Ferinfield Carly (Pontop Mary’s Prince x Lunespring Holly); 6, M Davidson, Milday Romana (Milday Oreo x Milday Ruby).

Standard black colt or filly foal – 1, Eynhallow Stud, Eynhallow Dutch Corrie (Eynhallow Dutch Prince x Eynhallow Belle); 2, Eynhallow Stud, Eynhallow Dutch Evie (Eynhallow Dutch Prince x Lakehead Evangeline); 3, S Bridgeman, Achramore Bruneval (Mawcarse Earl x Eynhallow Bowes); 4. Mawcarse Shetlands, Mawcarse Ariamesh (Mawcarse Earl x Horinglow Aira Force); 5, S Bridgeman, Musselbrough Elida (Musselbrough Keltic x Loanin Elite); 6, J Watson, Abbotsrule Haldor (Ketloch Rupert x Heidrun Av Bergli).

Standard coloured colt or filly foal – 1, Mawcarse Shetlands, Mawcarse Gyllan (Mawcarse Earl x Cochno Goldensestiny); 2, A McConville, Oldeworkde Vivaldi (Somahouse GT x Westpark Velvet).

Miniature yearling colt, filly or gelding – 1, A McConville, Doonpark Hope (Fordhouse Paddy x Doonpark Harriet); 2, L Cochrane, Gue Tarah (Buxted Explorer x Gue Paloma); 3, G McIntosh, Ardanbeag Stornoway (Fenland Wellington x Destiny Stromness); 4, C Andrews, Parlington Fantasia (Parlington Pickles x Parlington Rosamund); 5, C Andrews, Parlington Firefly (Parlington Pickles x Parlington Anneliese); 6, L Thomson, Endrick Hermione (Blackertor Solar Red x Endrick Honeyblossom).

Standard black yearling colt, filly or gelding – 1, L Poett, Harviestoun Primrose (Harviestoun Dauphin x Harviestoun Portia); 2, J Watson, Mailand Astryd (HRE Romeo x Bayview Tiffany); 3, A. McConville, Midcalder Jack The Lad (Kerloch Masterstroke x Kerloch Vera).

Miniature two-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, C Andrews, Blacketor Morella ( Halstock Phenomenon x: Blacketor Moselle); 2, A McConville, Creamline Matilda (Pontop Marys Prince x Creamline Robyn); 3, Mawcarse Shetlands, Lochfleet Skelbo Dreamcatcher (Parlington Felix x Stranduff Kindred Spirit); 4, J Mitchell, Benstone Whisky Galore (Milday Socks x Benstone Orianna); 5, E Glen, Liscombepark Master Eddie (Kerwell Sinbad x Braywood Creme Caramel); 6, L Cochrane: Enigma Maple (Kersell Mandarin x Enigma Maggie May).

Standard black two-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, Eynhallow Stud, Eynhallow Contessa (Sapphire Vision x Eynhallow Belle); 2, A Marshall, Kerryston Elsa (Kerryston Theodore x O’Hara of Auckhorn); 3, S Bridgeman, Achramore Ebony Rose (Eynhallow Dutch Prince x Achramore Rock on Ruby).

Standard coloured two-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, Mawcarse Shetlands, Mawcarse Jozilynne (Stow Vulcan x Mawcarse Elisha).

Miniature three-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, G McIntosh, Ardanbeag Loudon Milday Oreo x Willrose First Lady); 2, LM Wilson, Myreton Cooper (Myreton Talisman x North-Wells Golden Dando); 3, L Cochrane: Magnolia’s Mouse (Ardanbeag Lomond x Ardanbeag Trinity’s Magnolia); 4, M Davidson, Milday Valentino (Tawna Rubus x Milday Darashane); 5, Mawcarse Shetlands, Prioryvale Regal Rose (Leithen Tango x Tenston Nibbles); 6, D Stibbles, Burnside Soldier (Swarthoull Marshall x Burnside Dixie Chick).

Standard black three-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, Mawcarse Shetlands, Warrackstone Milly (Celtic Robert The Bruce x Dewland Maria); 2, Eynhallow Stud, Eynhallow Black Beauty (Harviestoun Precocious x Clashandorran Beauty); 3, S Bridgeman, Warrackston Little Diamond (Roseremus of Transy x Broadmuirs Little Gem); 4, J Watson, Achramore Bravado (Southfieldgate Valiant x Eynhallow Bowes); 5, L Poett, Harviestoun Pyper (Harviestoun Precocious x Harviestoun Portia).

Standard coloured three-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, LM Wilson, Myreton Glory (Claylands Prince of Foxt x Warrackston Guylian).