The value of rosehip products for human ailments has been well documented, but now the same has been shown true in animals – particularly horses.

Elite Equine, recently launched in the UK, is formulated from 100% organic rosehip powder which is harvested by hand, dried and ground up. No additives or bulking agents are used.

This grade of rosehip has been valuable in improving the general health of horses, protecting cartilage, reducing inflammation and promoting the performance of horses. Inherently anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant, rosehips can also be fed to horses recuperating from illness or injury as they help to restore the immune system and aid tissue repair.

Studies have shown that in many cases rosehip can complement, or even replace, the use of traditional NSAIDs that often lead to stomach ulcers and other secondary ailments. It is also a natural producer of biotin and has been known to address poor coat quality, unhealthy skin conditions, allergies, and brittle hooves. It is also BETA-NOPS certified and safe for use in competitions under both FEI and BEF regulations.

Elite Equine 100% organic rosehip supplement costs £38 for 1kg.

Helping to prevent colic

Gastrointestinal health in horses is a hot topic with owners and Haygain steamed hay is aimed at preventing such disorders, including colic.

Colic can have a variety of causes and is a common problem in horses of all ages. It can be the result of changes to feeding regime, internal parasites, poor grazing, excessive stress and exercise after eating, dehydration, and a long list of other potential causes.

Plenty of water and a high forage intake are essential and hydration is necessary to digest the large amounts of fibre horses need to consume daily. The average horse eats 9kg of food each day and requires a minimum of 20-40 litres of water to digest that feed, not including the necessary water for other body functions.

A simple way to help horses maintain their hydration and reduce respiratory diseases is by steaming their forage. When hay is steamed with Haygain's hay steamer, moisture content is increased three-fold, improving palatability and hygiene by killing the 99% of bacteria and mould spores.

The steamers come in a variety of sizes, starting at £795.