Temperatures are forecast to be high this weekend, so keep your horse cool with these tips from The Equine Vet Clinic.

With temperatures set to hit 28 degrees this weekend, how will you keep your horse cool. If it's hot for you, it's hot for your horse.

* Provide ample fresh, clean water. Check daily t...hat buckets or troughs are not contaminated with bird droppings, insect larvae, chaff, or algae growth. Make sure all the horses have access to the water.

* If you need to work your horses hard when it's very hot, try to schedule your session for early morning or late evening when it is cooler.

* Cool your horse down after exercise using cool water from a hose or a sponge.

* Provide a place for your horse to avoid the sun and during very hot weather, consider keeping your horses stabled during the day.

* Apply a high factor suntan lotion to horses with pink noses to prevent sunburn.

* If the hot weather brings clouds of biting insects that keep your horse pacing and stomping, try using fly sprays, masks, and sheets.

* If you are thinking of travelling your horse think ahead and be prepared.

For further advice please contact the practice on 01505 610100.