Specialist nutrition and guidance, combined with a new performance starter feed for young piglets in Scotland, is now available from ForFarmers through their Team VIDA.

The team which includes retail account manager Simon King, and national young animal feed advisor Emma Slater, are dedicated to working with farmers to improve the performance of piglets and maximise end returns.

Mr King has a wealth of experience spanning across the pig industry, with a strong focus on customer support and satisfaction with on-farm results top of his priorities. “We’re delighted to bring our VIDA products to Scotland; the wider team and producers are enjoying sterling success with these products so it’s great to be able to bring the offering to Scottish producers too,” he said.

The VIDA range has seen great growth since its launch in 2015, with successful commercial and scientific trials across the country, and across Europe. The VIDA diets form part of the total feed solutions range from ForFarmers from NOVA sow nutrition and ULTRA grower and finisher diets. All products are developed as part of an ongoing and robust UK and international trial programme; tried and tested on both indoor and outdoor units.