Specialist slurry handling machinery manufacturer, Vogelsang, has launched several new innovations in liquid manure technology.

First off, is its newest press screw separator to add value to slurry and make the most of spreading machinery.

The XSplit press screw separator has a new drive assembly which allows farmers and biogas plant operators to optimally separate liquid manure and digestate for spreading and further use.

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Vogelsang has taken the tried and tested method of solid-liquid separation and redesigned the technology behind it. The drive is located at the solids outlet and not, as is more usual, at the inflow of the raw medium this means that liquid cannot get into the drive and therefore a shaft seal is no longer necessary, thus reducing maintenance and cost.

In addition, its QuickService concept enables direct access to the screen and screw press for quick blockage release.

The system can produce up to 40% dry matter content from this process, which includes the screw press working against a high-quality elastomer sealing disc.

Also new is the ExaCut ECC precision distributor which works without air suction or ventilation hoses. An innovative rotor concept ensures that the liquid manure is fed into the hose outlets evenly and where formerly some liquid manure escaped from the air suction, this can no longer happen with this new method.

Vogelsang said this was particularly important when cultivating grassland with slot equipment. In this way, farmers and contractors use the valuable material manure precisely and ensure optimised feed hygiene.

The UniSpread universal linkage from Vogelsang is also now available in a working width of 10.5m. Its automatic end-arm folding feature ensures an optimal maximum transport width of 2.5m and an ideal transport height.

The UniSpread is a compact retrofit solution, even for small liquid manure tankers, and can be equipped with either dribble bar or trailing shoe technology. The available working widths are between six and 10.5m.

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The BlackBird trailing shoe linkage, which can come in working widths of 21 and 24m, has also been modified with simpler controls, making connection to a new tanker easier.

With a nod to the environment, Vogelsang has also given the slurry treatment system, SyreN, and overhaul. This stabilises liquid manure during field spreading by adding sulphuric acid, which can reduce ammonia emissions by up to 70%.