Slurry management is a key issue on any dairy or beef farm, so when the Jamieson family built a new shed for their heifers at Roundbush Farm, Annan, they turned to Fullwoodhead and Dairypower products as a perfect fit for them.

“The whole purpose of the new shed was for it to be labour-efficient, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort, care and safety for the animals – the slurry being scraped regularly and safely, as well as the tank being aerated are a big part in that,” said John Jamieson. “The price and quality of the equipment set Fullwoodhead apart from the rest, the efficiency of the double winch also reduced power use, so that added up to another cost saving.”

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“The aeration system does exactly what it said on the tin. Our slurry is very dense due to it being young stock manure, with limited water input into the tank. However, the aeration system keeps the slurry in a mixed, pumpable state constantly, which assists in reducing odours within the building,” added Mr Jamieson.

Family-run business, Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies, Ayrshire, provided the solutions for every aspect of the herd’s slurry management. Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company had built a trusted reputation with a wide range of products, including slurry management technology from Dairypower Equipment, with its Smart Slurry Aeration and automated rope and ratchet scraper systems.

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“All these solutions are high-quality, simple to use and built for a long-life,” pointed out Fullwoodhead’s Scott Wilson. “The scrapers are fully galvanised and provide trouble-free, efficient cleaning.

“There’s even a backing gate version for yards. As for the aeration system, the benefits are plentiful – no tractor agitation, animals don’t need to be disturbed, savings on fuel, labour and fertilisers are just a few! Not forgetting the reduction in gases, odours and that extracting and that spreading can be done with ease.”