A range of award-winning spreaders have been praised for their high outputs and back-up support by some large farming outfits and contractors.

The Ktwo Bio range of rear discharge muck spreaders, with twin horizontal beaters, have been designed for accuracy of application and are a good choice when spreading higher value products.

Sister range, the Ktwo Evo range of rear discharge muck spreaders have twin vertical beaters at the business end and are designed to cope with the most demanding conditions and high throughput.

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British company Ktwo launched the improved MK5 versions of the Ktwo Bio and Ktwo Evo in 2020 and the improvements further increased volume and ease of emptying which has been well received by farmers and contractors nationwide.

“We received our new Ktwo Bio 1600 in 2020,’’ said a spokesman for Thoresby Farms, in Nottinghamshire. “We love it due to the high output and spreading accuracy.

“One of the key features for us was the hardened beater tips and wear plates due to spreading pig muck which has a high stone count. The machine has also proved to be very reliable and we have good back up support from Ktwo on wearing parts.”

Robinson Contract Services, were the first to receive the new MK5 Ktwo Bios in 2020, and have always recommended Ktwo for their machines and service.

Their general manager explained: “We have always had excellent backup from the Ktwo team regardless of whether this has been for parts, advice or joint head-scratching when problems have arisen.

“Their spread pattern and distance remain consistent across all manure types, enabling us to operate at the most common tramline widths without the need for lots of extra wheel marks and compaction in between – which is always a bonus with the customer!

“We currently operate seven, 18-tonne Ktwo trailed spreaders connected to our fleet of 220-300hp tractors, giving a spreading capability of around 3000-4000 tonnes per day – although ground conditions, haulage distance and application rates affect each job individually.

“Usually these machines are split into separate outfits or ‘gangs’ to allow for the best utilisation of manpower and machinery matched against specific job requirements. All the fleet is fitted with the latest RDS GPS control system, allowing for new levels of precision which take into account variability of product density and weight whilst spreading and make on-the-move adjustments to the spreader operation in real time,” he added.

“All of our spreaders are equipped with horizontal beaters and spinner decks to ensure that all products spread are wide and evenly, up to 24m with certain products.

Will Green, of Green Agricultural services, added: “Having run Ktwo Bios in the past, I switched to Evos due to a change in workload. The machines have always been brilliant, the build quality and spread patterns are outstanding.

“These spreaders are a cornerstone of my business and will continue to be so for many years to come.’’

The award winning spreader range also includes the versatile and popular Ktwo Duo muck spreaders and the lighter duty Ktwo Eco muck spreaders. All can come with a host of optional extras to suit most requirements.

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The business is one of the biggest British manufacturers of farm machinery and their most recent award wins included: BUILD Magazine’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 Best Trailer & Muck Spreader Manufacturer (they won UK Leading Innovators in Agricultural Machinery in 2020); SME’s British Made Awards 2021 Best Agricultural Trailers and Muck Spreaders Manufacturer; and EU Business News Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021 Best International Trailer and Muck Spreading Machinery Manufacturer.

Robbie Polson, Ktwo’s managing director, said: “We pride ourselves on our innovation and quality, and we are very proud to be recognised as the best trailer and muck spreader manufacturer in the UK and internationally.

“We will continue to improve our products around customers’ needs and our improved MK5 versions of our Ktwo Bio and Ktwo Evo spreaders have been well received by customers.’’