There is always going to be an excess of turkey after Christmas day and this recipe is a quick cook solution which won’t put any pressure on your waist line at just 281 calories.

This recipe serves four.


½ tsp five spice powder

dash of soy sauce

1tbsp oyster sauce

25ml vegetable oil

4 British turkey breast fillets cubed

salt and pepper

2 red onions, sliced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

25g peeled fresh root ginger, chopped

1 large ripe mango, sliced


boiled rice, to serve


1. Mix the five spice, soy sauce and oyster sauce together in a bowl and season lightly. Set aside

2. Heat a wok, add half the vegetable oil and heat until smoking, then tip in the turkey cubes and season well. Stir fry the turkey for about four minutes until cooked through.

3. Transfer the turkey to a plate and wipe the wok clean with a piece of kitchen paper.

4. Add the remaining oil to the wok, fry the onions until just soft, then add the garlic and ginger and cook for a further two minutes.

5. Return the warm turkey to the wok, add the soy sauce mixture, mango and coriander to the mixture and warm through.

6. Stir well and serve with boiled rice.