– In 1962, there was a lot of debate over whether a marketing board for meat should be set up.

This set the backdrop for the opening of the February pedigree beef cattle sales as the first which was set aside much controversy, conjecture and uncertainty surrounding the livestock industry.

– Also, in 1962, a new hybrid beef breed was introduced. The Beevbilde was created from one polled American Shorthorn and one polled Lincoln Red heifer. The new breed was gradually replacing the well-known Lincoln Red herd of Eric Pentecost, of Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire.

– Milk, once again, became a huge talking point in 1965. At the turn of the year agricultural MPs marked out their battle ground on price control issues. This was followed by dairy farmers suffering a substantial rise in costs meaning there was a risk many could leave the industry altogether if a price was not found.

– It had been a long time coming but 1966 brought an agreement in principle for the creation of a 'Little Neddy' – or a National Economic Development Committee. Discussions had been going on for more than a year and the NFU had declined to participate in a body which might detract from the authority of the Price Review. There were 15 'Little Neddys' in existance, covering many industries. It was decided that the agriculture 'Little Neddy' would not meet during the government Price Review. It was expected that top of their agenda would be the contribution that agriculture can make to the balance of payments through imports, saving and substitution exports, means of increasing efficiency and productivity and manpower policy.