A perfect meal to celebrate Burns night, easy and delicious, courtesy of James Mackay, of Bay Hotel, Kinghorn.

Ingredients (serves 2)

400g fillet steak

250g mashed potato

250g mashed turnip

250g haggis

1pt beef stock

100ml red wine

1 small onion - finely diced

1 measure of whisky

100ml double cream

Salt and pepper

For the sauce;

1. Place the beef stock in a pan, bring to the boil and reduce by half.

2. In a separate pan soften diced onion in a little butter, add red wine and reduce by half. Add whisky and flambé.

3. Add beef stock and cream. Simmer for 5 mins and set aside, keeping it warm.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

1. Warm haggis, neeps and tatties.

2. Place in a round cutter about 6cms in diameter. One at a time starting with the mash potato, then the neeps and top with the haggis, so you have three layers.

3. Bake in the oven at 170°c for 5 mins.

Fillet of Beef

1. Seal the fillet of beef in a hot pan, season and place in the oven. Cook to your liking ( for me medium) which would be 8-10 mins.

2. Remove from the oven and let the beef rest before carving.

To serve;

Place the haggis round in the centre of the plate and lift off the metal ring. Carve the beef and place on top of the haggis. Pour the sauce around the beef and haggis, and serve.