Angus is one of those places that can be overlooked by visitors and tourists, though the area has lots to offer. Take whisky for example. If you're looking for a whisky trail, you'll be sent to the Highlands, or the Lowlands, maybe to Islay, but, in fact, the biggest collection of available whiskies is in the small village of Edzell, population less than 1000. And that's not the biggest collection in Scotland, it's in the world. In fact, the Glenesk Hotel, in Edzell, holds the Guinness World Record for 'Most Varieties of Whisky Commercially Available', with 1031 bottles in its fabulous 360 degrees bar.

Proprietor, Dylan Wren, who took over the hotel in 2012 with his wife, Alena, paid tribute to all staff, past and present, without whom the hotel would not hold this world record. He said: "I believe this record belongs in Scotland, it's Scotch whisky after all."

The hotel has always set great store in working with local businesses and supporting the local area, so it is fitting that they should bring something new and different to the town. Lord Dalhousie was delighted to come over from Brechin Castle to add his congratulations. He said: "This is a fantastic achievement, and being an Angus boy, I feel it is important to do things in Angus. Thank you for adding something special to our county."

Since the Victorian property is relatively small, with 38 rooms, every member of staff has played their part. Bar manager, Nick Campbell, clearly loves his job. "I like the interaction with people," he said. "I like the challenge of finding the right whisky for every person." Some people will come in and ask for a whisky by name, others will come in asking to try something they have not had before. Sometimes they know they want something floral, or something peaty. Whatever their preference, Nick will find it. He never tires of seeing the look on visitors' faces when they come into the bar for the first time. "I see them come in to the hotel and look at our whisky cabinet just inside the bar," he said: " and I tell them to come right in. When they turn round and see the whole back wall, filled with bottles, it's quite something!"

Another key player who helped to achieve the record is Robert Fleming, production director for Angus Dundee Distillers. On Christmas Eve 2002, the company's chairman asked him what he knew about Glencadam distillery in the neighbouring town of Brechin. Robert went to have a look, staying at the Glenesk Hotel. At this point the distillery had been mothballed for three years, but it had been there since 1825 and as Robert reported back to his chairman, "What reason do we have not to take it over?" Angus Dundee Distillers duly bought what Robert calls "A little gem", and the staff were recruited at interviews in the Glenesk Hotel.

Robert says, "To have this collection in a wee village in the middle of Angus is exceptional. Think about it - I travel to the Far East, to whisky bars in Singapore and Thailand, but it is here that has the biggest collection."

He remembers how gruelling verifying the record was. "Every bottle had to come off the shelf to be recorded, and then put back. It took us the whole day, and I would have loved to have had a closer look at some of those bottles, but I just didn't have time."

He reminded Dylan that someone will try to beat the record. "I am ready," said Dylan. Indeed he is. He has plans to make the bar even bigger. Since 2000 around 20 new distilleries have opened in Scotland and the Glenesk will get those whiskies. There's a lot of paperwork involved, and Dylan credits Alena for all the administration. They will have the tasting notes and all the background information needed to help guests to find their perfect dram.

Everyone at the Glenesk Hotel knows that walking into the bar can really take your breath away, pictures can't really do it justice, neither can reading about it. But more than that, visitors will find staff with endless enthusiasm, always keen to share their knowledge.

And, just in case whisky is not your tipple, the bar is also home to over 300 gins, more than 80 rums, in excess of 70 vodkas and more than 60 bottled ales and beers from local breweries. Cheers!