A Happy Time for Growers of Home Timber. – The Surveyor says: - Continental foresters are viewing with ill-concealed delight the reckless destruction of the American forests. The President of the Republic, it seems, has the right to create State reserves of forest land. Hence the extension of the famous Yellowstone Park, also the White Forest Reserve, in Colorado. It was taken for granted that other reserves would be claimed in Nevada and put under skilled management. But we hear that a bill giving a railway company most of the Yellowstone Reserve will be passed, and that the spectators and ranchmen will be strong enough to stop the proclamation of the Nevada Reserve. Meanwhile the processes of cutting-down goes on infinitely faster than that of replanting – where anybody dreams of replanting – and experts like Mr. C. S. Sergent and Sir D. Brandis now say that in ten or fifteen years there will be a timber famine in America. As 1,000 acres of forest are needed to furnish the railways of Europe alone with sleepers every year, owners of timber property on this side of the Atlantic are accordingly looking forward to prosperous times.