Invented almost 100 years ago, the AGA cooker has evolved to become an iconic British brand and adorns many a rural property. Nowadays, consumers can choose a model that’s on when they need it and off when they don’t or opt for a model that puts the quintessential AGA warmth into the kitchen, but uses less energy than older models. These famous heat storage range cookers are a favourite of food lovers and celebrities alike. Some notable AGA owners include: Mary Berry, Marco Pierre White and HRH The Prince of Wales.

The AGA cooker inspires passion in owners. Ask why they love it and they’ll give you a long list of reasons. They’ll say food tastes better, that it allows them to cook intuitively, that it looks beautiful, that the dog adores curling up in front of it, and that they really cannot imagine life without it.

AGA-cooked food tastes better simply because an AGA works differently, using gentle, authentic cast-iron radiant heat cooking to retain the food’s natural goodness and flavour. The heat steadily radiates through the ovens and hotplates, creating dedicated cooking zones at pre-set temperatures for ease, convenience and stress-free use.

Heat is transferred to the cast-iron ovens and released steadily from all the inner surfaces simultaneously. This radiant heat cooking is an altogether gentler process than the fierce hot air of conventional cookers and is the reason AGA cooking preserves more of the food’s moisture, flavour, texture and goodness. 

It used to be a given that an AGA cooker was on all the time. Not so now, as the range has kept up with the times and now boasts a host of options to suit all lifestyles.

With the same iconic styling expected from an AGA but with added functionality using state-of-the-art technology, the all-electric AGA Total Control uses gentle, radiant heat to ensure food is cooked to perfection, but can be turned on and off at the touch of a button.

With fast heat-up times, an intuitive control panel, remote control handset and a choice of 3- or 5-oven models – each with two large hotplates, which take just 8-11 minutes to fully heat up – this model is perfect for 21st century life. The cooker can be programmed to come on for set times, with the ovens and hotplates on or off as required. This means that the AGA warmth can still be enjoyed in the winter while managing the amount of energy used. And in the summer months, owners can choose to turn it off most of the time, cooking with individual hotplates and ovens when required.

The AGA Dual Control offers similar flexibility, but with much reduced running and servicing costs. It looks much like a traditional model and – just like traditional models – the cast-iron ovens are always available for use, creating that indefinable AGA warmth.

It is available as an all-electric model or with gas ovens and electric hotplates, with the same fast heat up times as the AGA Total Control. What’s more, the two hotplates can be turned on and off independently. This means owners can make a reduction in the overall heat input into the room from the cooker when desired and, in turn, reduce running costs. The boiling plate and simmering plate can be operated at the turn of a switch via the discrete control panel and so are on when needed and off when not.

The AGA 60 is a genuine radiant heat AGA packaged in a smaller size (60cm in width). With one control for the hotplates and another for the ovens, the cooker has been designed with simplicity in mind.

With a full-size dual-purpose roasting/baking oven and separate simmering oven, the cooker has plenty of room for a plethora of dishes. The large hotplate can be set to either boiling or simmering mode and the roasting/baking oven can be programmed so it’s ready and waiting when needed.

All AGA radiant heat cookers are made in Great Britain and are coated in vitreous enamel, which gives them their distinctive look and ensures their longevity. AGA cookers are available in 16 different colours, including a range of contemporary neutrals as well as bolder shades. And, if you’ve always fancied an AGA cooker to match the colour of your car, your sofa, a favourite jumper or pair of shoes or even your cat, you may be in luck – AGA recently announced its optional Bespoke colour matching service.

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