Of course, one of the most exciting aspects of any wedding day is the dress, but it just wouldn’t be the same if the groom didn’t put in at least a little bit of effort with his outfit.

Suits and kilts are often the traditional and popular choices for grooms at most weddings, and, in Scotland in particular, tartan is often a very popular choice.

Representative for MacGregor and MacDuff, Daniel Stevenson, spoke to us about the current trends in tartan-wear, and what other tartan items are popular for weddings.

Would you say that kilts are still a popular dress choice for grooms on their wedding day?

Yes, kilts are, and have always been, a very popular choice for grooms on their wedding day. In Scotland in particular, this is a deep-rooted tradition, but we work on a daily basis with grooms and their wedding parties all over the globe who are looking to connect with their Scottish heritage and add a touch of tartan to their special day.

Has there been an increase or a decrease in kilt orders?

This year, we have had a big increase in kilt outfit and accessory orders, particularly through our website, in which we offer shipping worldwide.

Our UK postal kilt outfit hire service, where we arrange for delivery and collection of customer’s hires, has also seen a dramatic increase in orders, which shows that distance isn’t a barrier for customers who are looking for exceptional quality Highland-wear.

Are you finding that tartan trousers and trews are also a popular option?

Definitely, we find customers who prefer the feel of a suit are generally opting for trews and trousers, as they can still incorporate tartan into their look.

Tartan trews and trousers are highly versatile, and can be worn formally to weddings and corporate balls, or informally, for a round of golf.

Would you say that some people, who perhaps do not want to wear a kilt as such, wear a suit, and tend to accessorise, where possible, with tartan products?

Absolutely. We offer a range of tartan accessories from tartan straight ties and bow ties, to scarves and blankets which are very popular with customers who have no intention of wearing a kilt.

Our tartan straight ties, in particular, are available to purchase in more than 4000 clan, and generic, tartans, and are perfect when worn as part of everyday business attire.

Is it generally across the entire wedding party that a kilt is worn? Or are there occasions when it is just the groom?

We deal with thousands of wedding parties every year, and we find it is a common tradition that the entire wedding party adorns a kilt outfit.

A groom’s party is a specially selected team, and it looks wonderful if they are all dressed in full kilt outfits.

You don’t need to have any Scottish roots to rock a kilt in style, and we find everyone is becoming increasingly open to trying on a kilt outfit for the first time.

What types of colours to people like to go for in tartan? Is it lots of reds/greens/blues, or does modern times mean people are now looking at black/greys, and darker tones?

We offer more than 4000 tartans to choose from when purchasing your kilt, and have an exclusive hire range of 15 tartans.

Tartans can either be a clan tartan, which is associated with a name, or a generic tartan which has been custom designed to honour a certain location, person, or society.

We find it always depends on the individual’s taste, with those who are looking to connect with their Scottish heritage typically going for a clan tartan, and those looking for a modern tartan, opting for more subtle and darker tones.

Our exclusive mist range of tartans (arran mist, lomond mist, silver mist, oban mist) are a very popular choice with our customers who are looking for a modern alternative, that can’t be found elsewhere.

What price range does MacGregor and MacDuff offer?

Our prices range depending on the jacket style chosen, and the kilt outfit accessories selected, to enhance your look.

If you are hiring a full outfit, this can range from £59.00, up to £160.00, and if you are looking to purchase a full kilt outfit, this can range from £495.00 to more than £1000.

We have an extensive outfit range with our starter outfit packages. that cater for those who maybe haven’t worn a kilt outfit before, and are looking to save, up to our signature collection. which allows you to design and completely customise every element of your formalwear.

Our signature collection is a popular choice with customers who have a creative side, and appreciate the craftsmanship of different tweed and fabrics.

What would you say is a popular choice to wear with a kilt, is it the full outfit, or just a ghillie shirt?

The full kilt outfit, with a jacket and waistcoat, and all kilt outfit accessories, is definitely the most popular choice for weddings and other formal events.

The ghillie shirt outfit is a great alternative for those attending more informal events, such as a ceilidh, or potentially looking for more room to breathe at a wedding in a hotter climate.

Do people often order other tartan accessories to accompany the wedding, such as favours or stationery?

Yes, we offer a range of tartan accessories that are wedding-specific, and handmade by our team in Scotland.

Our wedding ideas range includes tartan hand-fastings, which are used in the traditional tying the knot ceremony, bespoke tartan ring cushions, and tartan decoration ribbon which can be used to add a splash of tartan in cake decoration or favours.

What style does MacGregor and MacDuff like the most?

We don’t discriminate when it comes to style. We, of course, love our exclusive and more modern outfits, jacket styles and tartans, such as the Arran navy tweed outfit, coupled with our Arran mist tartan kilt, or our popular Lomond grey tweed outfit, worn with our exclusive Lomond mist tartan kilt.

But traditional jacket styles, such as the Argyll and Prince Charlie, are very versatile, and look brilliant with your own clan tartan.