DISCUSSING some of the most popular themes recently, Ann Martin, of Jack and Jess wedding stationery, said that minimalist was a more common style of late. She also discussed what kind of tones couples are going for when choosing wedding stationery.

She said: “We love refined and elegant design, so we're happy to see the minimalist trend continuing this year.

“For us, modern wedding stationery is all about simple lines – your invitation sets the tone for your wedding, and by using clean fonts and clever design, we're able to share relevant information, whilst exciting your guests about the big day. 

“Colour schemes of soft pink and navy continue across lots of stationery products, while moody colours, like dark grey and deep burgundy, make popular choices, particularly if the groom is wearing tartan.

“Metallics have been on-trend since 2017, with gold and copper foil adding an appealing polished finish.

“In the year ahead, we are planning more experimentation with mixed metals, placing gold, silver and copper together.”

In terms of unique orders, Ms Martin went on discuss some of the different and unusual orders she has received in recent times.

She continued: “Personalisation is very important to brides, and we've noticed a renewed interest in order of service cards this year.

“The order is service can be an afterthought, but it is perhaps the one element of stationery that your guests will read from top to bottom whilst waiting for the bride to arrive.

“Creative brides choose our order of service guest book, and that includes information about their wedding party with headshots and funny facts about each person.

“We've been told they make a great icebreaker, especially at larger weddings.”