If you have any letters, postcards or diaries from during World War two, then a research student from New Zealand would love to hear from you.

Michelle Moffat is doing a PhD and is currently researching a doctorate on the home front during the second world war.

Michelle says: “I am researching daily life in Scotland during the Second World War and am searching for letters, postcards and diaries written by Scots from 1939-1945. I am especially interested in documents that mention wartime measures such as food or diet, blackout or air raids, evacuation, government posters, and entertainment (such as going to the cinema, dances, football, or holidays). I am hoping to build a picture of life in Scotland at the time, as well as exploring Scottish morale through feelings and emotions expressed in the documents.

“While the stories of Scots in the military are interesting and of much value to history, their story is more well-known. I am trying to uncover the story of Scotland during the war and bring to light the experiences of “ordinary” Scots.”

If you have letters, postcards or diaries written by Scottish friends and family who were living in Scotland during WWII, Michelle would love to see them. You can email scans or copies of documents to mjmoffat@gmail.com or post to:

Michelle Moffat

Department of History

University of Otago

P.O. Box 56

Dunedin 9054

New Zealand