WHETHER you are looking for a weekend break that’s not too far away, accommodation for an event in the local area, or just a place to go with a good atmosphere and tasty food, then the perfect place for you is the Elphinstone Hotel, in Biggar, South Lanarkshire, which is affectionally coined locally as the Elph.

Arriving in the reception, you are instantly welcomed into its warm bar and service area, which is complemented with a warm and cosy fire, perfect for a November evening.

On the evening of our stay, the venue was rather quiet, but we booked dinner for 8pm, late by most restaurants’ standards - and it didn’t matter anyway, as we didn’t expect a Monday evening to have much of a party atmosphere, and it was just what was needed after a busy weekend leading up to our stay.

Although it was quieter than we imagine it is over the weekend, we did notice that there were a number of guests from different countries staying at the hotel, something that surprised us slightly, considering Biggar is not exactly one of Scotland’s capitals, however, due to the hotel’s traditional approach to dining and accommodation, it is no surprise that travellers and holidaymakers take comfort in stopping to enjoy some decent Scottish fayre in a quiet village, away from the biz of large cities.

We were sat down in the bar lounge, just next to the fire, by our first-class waitress, who offered us the dinner menu – where the hotel really comes into its own.

It is impossible not to find something on this menu, which offers pretty much everything and anything you could want, and, more importantly, incorporates as much local produce as possible.

After taking quite a bit of time to consider our options, we chose haggis croquettes and pate with toast to start, while we opted for chicken curry and bacon steak and double fried eggs for our mains.

Our food was served promptly, and dished up to perfection, making it even more enjoyable.

By the time it came to pudding, we were just about unable to have anymore, but we decided we may as well give the whole lot a try and opted for a banoffee sundae and a malteaser delight sundae which were perfect finishers to a fantastic meal.

In total, the hotel has 11 bedrooms on offer, three of which are family rooms and one of which we were given on the evening of our stay.

The room was a great size, perfect for a family, or a couple looking for somewhere to enjoy and relax.

Fitted with a king size bed and a set of bunk-beds, it would be ideal for a family of three or four to spend an evening, or a few days.

Kitted out with a bath and a shower, the bathroom had a very relaxing feel about it, with plenty of space to get ready – something I find very important.

Our window looked out onto the street, and so it was great to see what was going on round about us.

In terms of things to do while you are staying in Biggar, there are several options to keep adults and children entertained.

If you are looking for a social evening out, the Elphinstone would be an ideal starting point, particularly at the weekend, for dinner and then a few drinks in the bar, before moving onto The Crown Inn, which is found just along the street and within perfect walking distance.

This is a well-known favourite stopping point for the locals and is likely to provide plenty of entertainment for an evening.

Biggar Puppet Theatre is highly entertaining and puts on many different shows to entertain a wide audience.

With numerous high rated reviews online, this is a little gem that shouldn’t be missed, and is only a short walk away from the high street.

For walking enthusiasts, Tinto Hill, which is around 15 minutes away from the main street, is perfect for climbing, regardless of the weather.

However, if you enjoy venturing around cities during the day, while being able to escape at night time, both Glasgow and Edinburgh are within an hour’s travel time from Biggar and can easily be accessed by car or public transport.

With easy access to destinations nearby or further afield, the Elphinstone is the perfect accommodation to suit the needs of any type of traveller.