Owners name:

Alexander (Eck) Whitton.

Tractor, Make-model-year:

Ransome MG6 1957.

How long have you had the tractor?

Since the 1990s.

Where did you get it?

I bought it from Mrs Fyfie, Affleck Estate, Monikie, in Angus.

If restored, have you restored it yourself?


How long has it taken to restore the tractor?

It was restored over a period of time, as I was still working.

What was the biggest challenge you had with your tractor?

The clutch gave a few problems, seems okay now.

What is unique or special about your machine?

It has a battery and is started without the use of a handle.

Do you go to many shows/rallies or on-road runs throughout the year?

The tractor is used every year for ploughing matches, as I have a plough to go with the tractor, 42A Trailing plough, and a mounted TS65 plough.

What prizes have you won or best achievement with tractor?

The tractor has won a few prizes at local shows and ploughing matches. I have another Tractor MG2 which I show, as it doesn’t work to show and work the same tractor.

Would you ever sell it?

Not at the present time.

Dream tractor –If you could have a tractor from any era?

It would probably be an Oliver with the front wheels in the centre.

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