Ayrshire is covered for any wedding or occasion cakes with the highly experienced, and award winning, Sugar and Spice, based in Troon.

With 25 years baking and designing stunning cakes for brides and grooms, there is little that this team of bakers can’t accommodate.

Nancy Davidson of Sugar and Spice said: “Tastes have changed over the years, it’s rare now to be asked for a fruit cake, now our couples are requesting one of our flavoured cakes, our more popular ones are carrot, red velvet, vanilla sponge, toffee, lemon and of course, chocolate is always popular.”

They are all baked on site with great care and attention to detail. Nancy says they pride themselves on using the finest and fresh ingredients and can also offer cakes for special dietary needs including gluten, wheat and dairy free or vegan.

Ideally, the company like to have six-months notice, to schedule and plan your perfect cake. I wonder whether couples have a firm idea of what they want when they visit.

Nancy continues: “It goes one of three ways, they sometimes come in and point at a cake and say: “That one, please.” Other times, they come in with a theme they are following and we make a totally bespoke cake. Or couples come in with a good idea of what they want, but when they see what is available, they start changing their plans to incorporate all the creative and specialised ideas that we have put on other cakes. We don’t mind, we are happy to accommodate all their wants.”

Sugar and Spice will deliver to your chosen venue, and if it is within Ayrshire, it is free delivery.

Check out their website or facebook page to browse their large range of occasion cakes as well as their range of wedding cakes.

http://www.sugarandspicetroon.com, 15 Academy Street, Troon, tel. 01292 316830