Kyloe Restaurant and Grill’s supplier of Ethical Scotch Beef, Hardiesmill, has opened their own on-farm micro-abattoir in the Scottish Borders, producing world-class beef with a ‘farm to fork’ philosophy.

Kyloe in Edinburgh’s West End first opened in 2011, and is now regarded as one of the city’s top steak restaurants, celebrating Scottish meat.

With a passion for local produce, executive chef, John Rutter, carefully selects each supplier to take guests on a culinary journey, showcasing Scotland’s finest produce.

Hardiesmill has taken the revolutionary step to open their own micro-abattoir to bring the final stage of the animal’s life in-house. This means that Hardiesmill have removed the most vulnerable point in the production chain, as the nearest external abattoir is more than two hours away. The Hardiesmill abattoir is the first of its kind in the UK and the process has taken almost five years to complete.

Owners of Hardiesmill, Alison and Robin Tuke, believe that, as the animal does not have to leave the farm or be transported, they can minimise stress and so, ultimately the meat is more tender, with a fuller, deeper flavour. They also believe that it is the care and attention that goes into each animal that has resulted in their global top five status.

Hardiesmill is located in the Scottish Borders and has established a special relationship with Kyloe over the years, selecting the restaurant to be the sole stockist of their renowned Ethical Scotch Beef in Edinburgh.

Executive chef of Kyloe and The Rutland Hotel, John Rutter, said: “Hardiesmill are at the forefront of beef farming and have created a philosophy to benefit the animal’s entire life. The opening of an abattoir of this kind is a true reflection of their dedication to the most incredible Scottish produce. This will undoubtedly mean a better product for chefs, and ultimately, for diners.”

Owners of Hardiesmill, Robin and Alison Tuke, said: “Our micro-abattoir has been more than four and a half, very long, years in the making and we’re delighted the end result will be available for diners in Kyloe to enjoy. Over the years, we have built a brilliant partnership with executive chef, John Rutter and the Kyloe team. We are proud that the ‘Taste of Hardiesmill’ is savoured by diners here and that the chefs know how special the beef is.”

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