It’s showtime folks, and there is no bigger event in the farming calendar than the Royal Highland Show. Whether you are showing, shopping or socialising, it’s the one show you can’t miss.

If the Royal Highland Show still toured around Scotland, then 2019 would have seen it being held in Kelso, in the Borders. Instead, the region holds the show presidency this year, and show visitors will be encouraged to explore the sights, flavours and experiences of the Border’s region.

From Textiles to Texels, Shindigs to Shetlands – the Royal Highland Show is shaping up to be something special

The Royal Highland Show, or best known by many as the ‘Highland’ is just around the corner and plans are well afoot to present the finest in food, farming and rural life.

In June, the country will come to the city with a clear focus of bridging the gap between producer and consumer – the charitable remit of the RHASS.

Spotlight on the Borders

This year’s Presidential Team hail from the Scottish Borders and amongst other initiatives, it will promote responsible access to the countryside as well as showcasing the Borders’ unique heritage and culture.

The team is led by Lord Lothian as RHASS president alongside vice-presidents Sir John Campbell, Jimmy McLean, Nigel Miller and Jeanna Swan with Reverend Anna Rodwell serving as Chaplain.

With Common Ridings dating back to the 13th century when the Scottish Border towns patrolled their boundaries with large groups of horse riders to fend off invaders, a highlight for visitors to this year’s show will be a Commons Riding display in the main ring on Sunday at 3.30pm.  Riders from towns in the Borders will recreate the atmosphere of the traditional Common Ridings.

A Textile Design Challenge will also be posed by the Presidential Initiative team at the show this year in a celebration of the Border’s wool and textile heritage. The brief to students of Borders’ College and Heriot Watt College of Textiles and Design is to create an urban/rural jacket for the 2020s, with the top 10 designs being displayed at the show and valuable awards being given for the best three entries.

The long-standing relationship between the Royal Highland Centre, RHASS and motorsport in the Borders will also be on show, including displays of several vehicles and other exhibits from the Jim Clark Trust, the Borders Vintage Automobile Club, the Borders Vintage Agricultural Association and related parties.

There will also be a farm access project near Jedburgh for horse riders and walkers. This initiative will include the development of a signposted, safe, multi-access circular route around Monteviot, using Harestanes as the primary access point.

The Borders Presidential Team are also planning to engage with RHASS members from the region along with other local stakeholders, including organisations involved with outdoor recreation, land management, other rural businesses, allied trades, tourism, education and conservation.  The aim is to garner their views on the RHASS and to understand what the wider rural community and general public would like the charity to support as part of its wider charitable remit.

To take part, please visit the RHASS website and click on Presidential Initiative

Main ring highlights:

Friday: Shindig at the Show with music from Stevie McCrorie 7pm

Friday: Clydesdale Horse Society celebration, 4.15pm

Sunday: Commons Riding display, Sunday 3.30pm

It's jig time!

Enjoy a countryside ceilidh every day of the show at 12 o'clock in the countryside area.