The exclusive New Zealand clothing company, Kiwi Country Clothing will make a return visit to the Royal Highland Show.

Elizabeth McGuinness, a dairy farmer’s daughter from Monaghan, Ireland, lived in New Zealand for 14 years, returning to set up this business, as she saw a gap in the market for quality cold and wet weather clothing.

“I was born cold, have always suffered terribly in wintertime, and as soon as I found this range of products in NZ I never looked back. Ironically, I am now my own patient, as I was diagnosed with systemic Scleroderma 18 months ago, so I cannot tolerate any form of cold or damp weather these days. Possum provides the best solution for me."

Possum merino can only be sourced in New Zealand. It is a blend of superfine merino lamb’s wool and eco-friendly possum fibre. It is 55% warmer than merino, 40% warmer than cashmere, does not pill or ball, needs little or no washing, and last for years. Regardless of outside temperature, it keeps body temp at 36.6 degrees. The range will rig you out from head to toe.

Let's introduce you to the wonder jumper, the Tasman 36.6. No matter how cold it is, your body stays at 36.6°, which has been proven in trials in NZ. Double layer possum on the inside, rain repellent wool outer, you will stay dry for up to eight hours in the rain. It also has tremendous wind break properties, ideal for cold Scottish winters on the hills.

Super socks

How about the no smell super sock. Socks you don’t wash, no smell, no sweat, ideal for super-cold feet, diabetes, farmers wellies, horse riding boots, granny’s slippers, anyone who has poor circulation, or restricted mobility.

The possum Trekker farm/work boot sock, ideal for feet in wellies all day with no smell, and the health/diabetic socks which are durable and super soft against the skin, regarded by medical professionals as the best sock for bad circulation, particularly with those living with diabetes. The health sock has a seamless toe with soft top, they improve blood flow and are gentle on the skin.


Kiwi's gloves for super-cold hands and for those who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome, scleroderma, arthritis, and poor circulation. In fact the possum hand and foot wear are now supplied into eight hospitals across Ireland. These are bespoke made and available on request by ordering over the phone, and will be available to view and try on at the show.


The practical, yet luxurious possum fur shoe and boot insoles, instant warmth and comfort for the feet, ideal for the parents standing on the side lines on cold and wet winter mornings.


The Outback range of high performance farming oilskins, made from 1200 gauge Egyptian cotton which is guaranteed 100% waterproof, yet 100% breathable, for the farming, equestrian and lifestyle sector. This range does not tear on barbed wire and commands almost 90% of the market in New Zealand.

Elizabeth is a hoot, saying: "There is so much appalling outerwear on the market, neither waterproof, nor breathable and I used to get so mad when I see farmers throwing good money after bad. Our Outback farm-wear cannot be beaten for keeping you warm, dry without sweating.

Then there is the range of handmade cotton underwear: Fanny and Freddie Adams. No riding up, no VPL, no movement, no sweat. Originally designed for ladies on horseback to prevent chaffing and most recently are now deemed best underwear for stoma wear, for those who have had colon surgery, as they are soft, strong, breathable, hold everything in place and sit high above the pouch.

Liz has a poster she is taking to the Highland this year saying: FANNY AND FREDDIE ADAMS.. LOOKING AFTER YOUR TENDER BITS.

Elizabeth talks about an Irish farm manager running the biggest dairy farm in the Middle east, in Al Ein, who milks 6000 cows three times a day.

“He was so delighted with his Freddie Adams undies, heralding the end to his misery in hot sweaty weather that he invited me out to visit the farm last year."

The irrepressible Elizabeth, is more than happy to sell over the phone or via the website.

“I’m always delighted when people call me directly, as discussing their needs allows me to provide them with most suitable product for them I also carry product not listed on the website, and I always prefer to speak directly with my customers. I will take calls , seven days, 7am to 10pm, that’s the farmers in me.”

Tel. 00353 (0) 868931953

Please note; Possum fur is a recycled product as possums are ethically culled by the Dept of Conservation in NZ. They are not native to NZ. Anything made from possum fur in NZ is deemed an eco-friendly product. We do not upset animal rights, as they understand the devastation which possums create in NZ.