If you are looking for a sweet treat at this year’s Royal Highland Show, then how about tablet coated popcorn?

Mrs Tilly’s confectionary brand, from Tillicoultry, has been known for its award winning tablet for more then 22 years, and to shake things up a little, it has come up with this ingenious combination. Tablet Popcorn, a combination of crunchy air-popped corn coated in a deliciously indulgent sauce with Mrs Tilly’s Tablet blended through it.

Still owned by the founding Paterson family, the business has grown from a small two-person team, to become Scotland’s favourite confectionery brand, with more than 30 dedicated staff. Along the way the reigns have been handed to the second generation of the family and the business has been recognised as not only a Top 30 Scottish grocery brand but also a leading light in the drive to further internationalise Scotland’s larder – having been crowned Export Business of the Year at last year’s Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards.

While the company’s now famous Scottish tablet and fudge range is well established with Scottish consumers, who still enjoy an occasional indulgent treat, more recent product development focus has centred on innovation and trying to explore new avenues for Scottish tablet in particular.

Managing director, Blair Paterson commented: “The most challenging part of the development – has been capturing the unique taste profile that tablet has, there are specific ingredients that shape the tablet flavour that consumers love and we had to develop a bespoke tablet essence to help match this profile together with adding our own famous tablet into the final recipe.

“Since the beginning of the project – our team have tasted, tested and rejected dozens of development samples – in order to ensure the final product is perfect and fit to join the Mrs Tilly’s product range. We hope that consumers find this snacking variation of one of Scotland’s favourite sweets as deliciously indulgent as our many other products.”

The new product will be launched at the Royal Highland Show and Mrs Tilly’s have some new listings secured with their major customers over the coming months – with the Popcorn on shelf from the middle of July.

Blair Paterson, Managing Director with the new Mrs Tilly’s Tablet Popcorn

New Tablet Popcorn Bag Image