Owners name:

Bill MacLachlan

Tractor, make, model, year:

Minneapolis Moline UTS 1942-43, 42hp 4.4 litre engine, could run on petrol, paraffin or distillates, was built in Illinois USA.

How long have you had the tractor?

Since 2010.

Where did you get it?

From another enthusiast, Alistair Robertson, near Edinburgh.

If restored, have you restored it yourself?

I restored it with help from some friends, Billy Thompson and Innes McClelland.

How long has it taken to restore the tractor?

It has taken us around two years to restore it.

What was the biggest challenge you had with your tractor?

The biggest challenge was the engine, over-hauling and sourcing parts, which came from America, and the block went to Mike, at Blane Precision Engineering, in Killearn.

What is unique or special about your machine?

It is one of the tractors that came over on the second world war Lend-Lease Programme.

Do you go to many shows/rallies or on-road runs throughout the year?

I’ve gone to a number of shows over the years, including Drymen, Scone, Ardardan and the Ayrshire Show.

What prizes have you won or best achievement with tractor?

Won lots of seconds and thirds at various shows.

Would you ever sell it?

No! There’s a lot of history with this tractor, with it coming over on the same Second World War Lend-Lease Programme shipment as my father’s Oliver 90 which was registered with consecutive numbers, it’s a part of local history.

Dream tractor:

A Ford 1960s Super Dexter.