If your garden is littered with wind fall apples, there's someone who would happily take them of your hands. ClydeCider, is a cider making company which uses apples from around Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, and they have again launched their great apple appeal.

John Hancox who leads the project says: "If people are drowning in apples, bring them to us and we will swap for our lovely Clydecider.

Clydecider works on a community basis – with people bringing surplus apples, but we also have plenty of scope for people to pick and hunch apples around, and get involved in making, bottling and indeed drinking the cider.

“Cider making is great fun, but it is also a great way to use up apples which would otherwise go to waste… Lots of people get involved and our aim is encourage more people to learn cider making and also get more orchards planted and looked after in Scotland. We certainly want any profits to go into supporting more school and community orchard planting.”

Apples can be in any quantity, small or large, apples should be ripe and in reasonable condition.

Details of how and where donate your apples, or to find more on opportunities to pick apples, and get involved in cider making, look at

www.clydecider.com/Clyde_Cider/clyde_cider.html, or contact John@clydecider.com on 0778 606 3918.