Owner's name: Jim Auld

Tractor, Make-model-year:

A 1970 Massey Ferguson 135.

How long have you had the tractor?

Owned by the Auld family since new May, 1970.

Where did you get it?

Hamilton Brothers, Paisley.

If restored, have you restored it yourself?

It was restored by Andy Reid at Hamilton Ross Group, Bishopton

How long has it taken to restore the tractor?

In total, around 10 months.

What was the biggest challenge you had with your tractor?

It wasn't a mechanical challenge, it was listening to all the doubters that said it would never go again, as it had lay rusting for 15 years.

What is unique or special about your machine?

It is the first restoration by Hamilton Ross Group of a tractor that was sold by them when it was new.

Do you go to many shows/rallies or on-road runs throughout the year?

No not yet, but possibly would in the future.

Would you ever sell it? If not, why not?

No, it’s a family heirloom

Dream tractor – If you could have a tractor from any era?

I think I already have it.

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