Owners name:

William Dunlop

Tractor, make, model, year:

Ferguson TEF 20, April, 1953

How long have you had the tractor?

Since 1976.

Where did you get it?

From my father-in-law who no longer required it.

If restored, have you restored it yourself?

Restored by my friend, Alan Egan and myself.

How long has it taken to restore the tractor?

We started it in 2003, so it has taken more than six years, working on it part-time.

What was the biggest challenge you had with your tractor?

The engine was completely seized and it took a lot of work to get the old pistons and liners out.

What is unique or special about your machine?

It’s a special edition ... one of only 10 tractors with many chromed parts, made to be eye-catching in the dealership. This is the only one left, as far as we know.

Do you go to many shows/rallies or on-road runs?

I do two to three shows a year and some runs, tallying up more than 300 miles in the last year.

Would you ever sell this special TEF20?


What's your dream tractor if you could have a tractor from any era?

I think I’m happy with the one I have.