Based in Kirkcaldy in Fife, but with the willingness to go wherever her camera takes her, Victoria Litster, has been running her wedding photography business for the past decade, and she still loves it.

“If you didn’t love it, you couldn’t do this job, it’s full on, it’s stressful and there’s a lot of pressure, because if you don’t get the shots….” Well, that doesn’t happen with Victoria.

Victoria is known as being a photography ninja, she aims to be as unobtrusive as possible, relieving the couple of having to pose for a couple of hours. Often when couples come to meet Victoria to discuss their needs, they say that they don’t like having their photograph taken, and that’s where she excels. “I try to build a rapport and a friendship with my clients, which helps them relax so that I get the most natural shots of them having a fantastic day.”

In general, her clients get in touch and they visit Victoria to discuss what they would like, and have a look through her many books of previous wedding shots, to give them an idea of her work.

“I also try to give as much advice as possible, as I have quite a long list of suppliers that I know are excellent in the area. If couples can’t get to me, whether that is because they are too busy, or they live abroad but are getting married in Scotland, then we can do an online chat, via skype or facetime, which is becoming more common.”

To start with Victoria can offer clients one of her three packages, but she stresses that this is just a guide, it’s their day and she will fit in with their needs at all times, they can build on the packages or take away, it’s up to them to find the right package to suit what they want.

Victoria’s work is so popular she is fully booked for this year, and next summer is pretty full too. She got her first booking recently for 2022, which she says is incredible, and it is also validation of her quality of work that continues to delight her clients.