Here’s something I didn’t know, Next, the high street chain, offers a formal hire service for men, which includes a collection of formal wear, Highland wear and evening wear.

The formal hire service caters to every taste and is available in just about every size.

The formal wear includes the classic tailcoat outfit, a variety of suits, as well as all the necessary accessories like top hat, shoes and shirts, ties, bow ties and ruches.

Highland wear has a selection of 18 different tartans to choose from both traditional and modern, as well as both the stylish tweed, or the classic Argyll or Prince Charlie jackets as well as an array of waistcoats. Sporrans, socks and ghillie brogues are also available to hire.

The evening wear collection has a more stylish slant, and is perfect for social occasions such as proms, graduations and corporate functions.

Hiring is simple, visit in store where a member of staff will guide you through each step of the process.

Starting with essential information like the date of the function and your measurements. Then you pick your outfit, and personalise it.

Packages start at just £35 for a two piece and with their ‘Groom goes Free’ offer, parties of five or more can make great savings.

You can also book a free in-store try on to make sure your chosen outfits look, fits and feels great.

Your hire will then be delivered to the store, or your home address.

Delivery is a week in advance, which means that if there should be an issue, there is time to have replacement garments sent.

After the event, Next will collect the outfits FOC, just return them to the Next store you collected them from, or return via DPD, (home deliveries only).

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