Drymen-based ground care and garden equipment supplier, Fraser C Robb, has been awarded exclusive sales rights in Scotland to sell Foamsteam, which is a herbicide-free weed killing equipment.

The system has been developed by Weedingtech, who have successfully launched this product in other markets around the world. This deal will, for the first time, provides customers in Scotland with access to a new solution for clearing weeds.

The Foamstream herbicide-free system can be safely used anywhere, even in places used by people, animals, near waterways and delicate ecosystems.

The system combines heat and water, with a foam solution that is both safe and highly effective. As well as removing weeds, it can, using special lances, remove gum, graffiti and clean street furniture.

For many users it will be far more cost-effective that using chemicals, as fewer applications are needed each year. The system also dramatically cuts down the requirements of manual labour.

Its launch is timely, as it is envisaged that Foamstream could help reduce the transmission of Covid-19 virus, thanks to the high temperatures used in application.

It controls unwanted vegetation by using heat from hot water, insulated by a biodegradable foam blanket. The foam stops the heat escaping to the atmosphere, thus keeping the heat on the plant for longer, ensuring a more effective kill.

Sterilisation of surrounding seeds and spores also helps to reduce regrowth.

Fraser C Robb director, Lorna Robb, said this deal represented a significant addition to their range of environmentally friendly products. “Our business is within a National Park and we know from our customers from throughout Scotland that there is much sensitivity to how we use our land, waterways and public areas.

"Foamstream will allow them to kill weeds in a way that is completely safe to the environment. This system will also be more effective in keeping our towns and cities clean, saving organisations time and money.

"We are delighted to be bringing this product to market in Scotland and working with the innovative team at Weedingtech. We have seen the impact of it being introduced in other markets and know that this product will be revolutionary to the operation of councils, land estates, sporting facilities, etc throughout Scotland.

"This is an excellent addition to our growing range of environmentally friendly garden and ground care equipment.”

Aaron Matthews, UK and ROI sales manager for Weedingtech, added: “After many conversations with prospects in Scotland, Fraser C Robb were the natural choice to be our distribution partner due to their fantastic reputation among their customer base and the instant enthusiasm they had for the product."