By Mags Granger, welfare manager for RSABI

Losing someone close can be a shattering experience, whether the death is expected or sudden. The initial shock is often followed with grief and loneliness.

RSABI can help. We are available every day from 7am to 11pm if you need to talk. We can also help guide you through the practical issues that need dealt with. RSABI will consider helping with the costs of a funeral and give financial assistance to dependents of people from agriculture.

RSABI have helped many grieving families emotionally, practically and financially. CRUSE referred Katrina to RSABI as she was struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband.

It had taken its toll emotionally, physically and financially. RSABI supported her and Katrina feels she can live her life now. Katrina said: “Don’t hesitate to get in touch. RSABI are ready to listen and are so helpful.”

Katrina is very grateful for RSABI help and feels she would not be here today without RSABI support.

When John’s wife died he was left to bring up their disabled son. Although he had been the main earner in the household, he had to give up work to care for his son. John said: “Don’t be afraid to call, RSABI has helped me a great deal, and you may be eligible for help too.”

Mags Granger, Welfare Manager for RSABI says “There are very few people prepared for the loss of a loved one. Whether through age, illness or accident the impact to the whole family is devastating. If the main bread winner dies there is often a financial impact that needs to be addressed fairly quickly while trying to deal with the emotional feelings about the loss.

"The grieving process is different for everyone and even with family around people can feel alone and overwhelmed. It is important to talk and RSABI is here to listen. RSABI can assist with the costs of funerals if needed and support dependants practically and financially to give them the time they need.”