SlurryKat Lead the Way with New Green Bedding System

A new bedding system for the dairy, beef and anaerobic digestion industries looks set to reduce on farm costs and increase cow comfort and farm production.

While green bedding systems have been on the market for a number of years, some have demonstrated poor performance and dry matter that was not high enough to replace traditional bedding methods such as chopped straw or wood shavings.

However, with the growing popularity of green bedding in the UK and Ireland and it's successful use in the USA and Europe, the new Doda system from slurry equipment manufacturer, Slurrykat, will be launched next month at the National Ploughing Championships.

According to the manufacturers, the Doda system offers many environmental and economic benefits, as well as increasing the health and well-being of the livestock, meaning they perform better with proven increased production of milk and daily live weight gains.

With the new system it is now easily possible to achieve separated dry matter fibre of approximately 50%.

Benefits associated with the Doda green bedding system include:

- No requirement to buy straw or sawdust for bedding

- Mastitis is reduced with increased milk production

- Increased cow comfort and cleanliness

- 30% increase in slurry storage capacity

- Reduced need for mixing of slurry after storage

- Phosphorous reduction on the farm

- Reduction of farms carbon footprint

- Short fibres produced have a greater absorption than straw or sawdust, allowing for cleaner animals, less smell and better general conditions.

What makes the Doda system different to other systems is that it has a unique blower system on the discharge of the screw press that lifts the dry matter of the material by approximately 10% and produces an attractive fluffy bedding material that is super absorbent. The entire system is also compact and can be easily installed on any farm.

Additionally, an automated pre mixing system can be added if required for the raw slurry, while the whole system is independently controlled by an automated control panel which can be set to the farms individual needs.

Another feature that no other manufacturer offers is that all the main components are manufactured from 100% stainless steel for long service life in aggressive corrosive material.