The Quebec-based Fleur De Lys (FDL) genetics programme established by Northumberland-based international cattle breeder, Bruce Jobson, has achieved further success according to figures recently released by breed society Jersey Canada.

Jersey bull FDL Barcelona achieved another milestone by having the highest number of progeny registrations by a genomic LPI (gLPI) sire in 2018. The bull also had the highest number of heifers registered with Jersey Canada in the first 12 months of his progeny birth-year.

Barcelona has further established his overall position in 2018 as the most popular gLPI sire with over 600 progeny registrations.

Mr Jobson established the genetics programme in 2007 by forming a syndicate of young Canadian breeders to show, rear, breed and market elite bovine genetics. The programme was propelled forward in 2011 with the introduction of DNA genomic testing technology identifying elite male and females within the breed.

The syndicate’s home-bred FDL Premier Belle subsequently listed as the No 3 gLPI cow of the breed and is the dam of FDL Barcelona. Her subsequent February 2015 bull calf was listed as the No 1 gLPI sire, making Barcelona the first and only Canadian-bred bull to list in pole-position on the global-sire index.

Bred from 10 generations of VG or Excellent scored dams, FDL Barcelona offers increases on type and production as well as, fat and protein component percentages.

The bull is set to have a major impact within the global Jersey breed according to Mr Jobson, who acted as a marketing consultant to Drew Sloan OBE, former owner and founder of Ayrshire-based Canadian genetics distributor, Semex UK.

“Barcelona has been marketed on four continents by Ontario-based Semex Alliance and the bull is set to have a massive international impact with thousands of daughters world-wide. Barcelona already has 250 calves registered with Jersey UK and although bred as a ‘complete’ sire, his progeny is performing well in the type conscious Canadian and UK showrings.”