The benefits of Maxammon, a grain treatment process that bolsters rumen performance and digestibility, are well documented, but the new improved formula has enhanced activity and enhanced ammonia production rates – key factors which drive rumen efficiency, feed conversion and the overall performance according to a new report.

The new formula – available now through the Aberdeenshire-based feed company Harbro – has been developed following 10 years of rigorous testing with 14 universities and research institutes in eight countries across the globe.

Proven success in independent cattle trials by leading agricultural organisations have shown consistently high performance across a variety of breeds and systems using Harbro's Maxammon approach.

A recent trial co-ordinated by the University of Milan Veterinary Sciences department compared a Maxammon maize and maize silage-based diet to a standard high energy, maize and maize silage-based diet with equivalent levels of protein. The results revealed improved daily liveweight gain significantly higher in the Maxammon group with feed conversion efficiency some 5.4% better than the control group; significantly more stable rumen pH and therefore improved rumen health and lower instances of acidosis and bloat using Maxammon.

Lanarkshire dairy farmer Gavin Baillie who milks 250 pedigree Holstein cows said: “Before we started feeding Maxammon five years ago, we always struggled to feed more than 4.5kg of our own cereal and instead had to rely on soya hulls and a rumen buffer to keep the rumen safe. However, since feeding Maxammon, we now feed up to 8.75kg of cereal along with protected rapeseed and molasses, which has not only lifted our starch and sugars from 21% to 27.5% but also reduced the amount of soya we are feeding by more than 2kg. Dung consistency and fertility is excellent with the herd currently averaging 10,500kg on twice a day milking and with some of the highest milk qualities we have ever had with milk butterfat up to 4.27% and milk protein up to 3.58%.”

The Maxammon system also allows for simple rations to be created from forage and home-grown cereals allowing for optimised performance and profit while also controlling costs.