AN UK-designed teat spray-dip with non-antibiotic properties has been launched to protect against the wear and tear of any number of milkings per day.

The product, called Unique, from EnviroSystems, contains a human grade emollient used in nipple creams for breastfeeding mums.

Early adopter, John Pidgeon at Court Place Farm, near Honiton, said that his 110-cow herd's somatic cell count reduced from 180,000 to 120,000 cells/ml since its introduction, with no other changes made and at no extra cost. Used as a post-milking dip, he said teat end and skin condition were also excellent.

The formulation also suited to robot milkers and three-times, twice or even once-a-day parlour systems, according to Sally Russell, at EnviroSystems.

"Post-milking, there is no sticky residue that would attract soiling of teat ends," she explained. "It can also be used as a pre-milking cleanser. Environmentally, the formula is biodegradable, so spills and drips have zero impact on slurry or drainage water."

Trialist farmer, Adam Chippendale, with 200 cows in-milk at Wharton Hall Farm, in south Cumbria, used the new product in his robots for seven months, with a 1000 litre IBC connected straight into the robotic system's teat disinfection line. He said cell counts were 'the lowest they had ever been' and at a lower cost than the previous teat spray he used.

The ready-to-use product is available in IBCs (1000 litre) or 200 litre drums.