A new 'one-of-a-kind' delivery service from Brinicombe Agri is now available to livestock farmers up and down the country looking to take advantage of their liquid feed range.

Neil Ashwell, head of agriculture at Brinicombe Agri, said that the company had been providing top quality liquid feeds through a bespoke metered delivery system for more than 30 years and it is now offering a price match guarantee so customers can buy quality with confidence in the cost.

“The unique direct to farm-store pumping equipment on Brinicombe’s TransAg lorries means farmers will receive a precise, measured amount of their chosen liquid, only paying for the exact volume they receive,” he says.

“This format of delivery takes away the hassle of disposing IBCs after the liquid has been consumed, playing a part in helping the industry reduce plastic waste.”

He added that the challenging weather this cropping year has led to increased concentrate feed prices and that competitively priced liquid feeds can help keep winter feed costs down.

“Our range of protein, mineral and energy liquids are tailor-made to maximise performance from forage, and make up for any shortfalls, allowing farmers to utilise forage and feed already available on farm,” he says.

“We can also offer ball or wheel feeders for livestock to lick, meaning liquids can be fed with minimal mess, regardless of whether or not a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is being supplied through a diet feeder.”

For more information on Brinicombe’s liquid feed offering, please visit: www.brinicombe.co.uk/agri/products/liquid-feeds and to find out more about the company’s TransAg delivery service, visit: www.brinicombe.co.uk/transag

Brinicombe Agri is best known for its ‘Tubby’ health licks, but it has recently expanded into the bolus market through its close partnership with Rumbol Products, a specialist bolus manufacturer.

The company markets two ranges of tried and tested cattle boluses, a premium range known as BriniBol is sold direct to farm through a team of experienced territory managers. While the second range of proven EnduraBol products is sold through agricultural merchants and vets.