Launched as a modest collection of plastic fencing products in 2018, Midlothian-based LL Plastic has now grown to include an extensive range of perimeter fencing products suitable for a variety of livestock types and uses.

The range features 100% recycled plastic fence post which is used significantly in Europe, where it is often the preferred choice when considering long term costs and benefit.

A spokesman for LL Plastic, said: "Protecting the environment for future generations is a key component of our business ethos and being at the forefront of sustainable living and is fundamental to our outlook.

"Our recycled posts are made from high-impact thermoplastic, which is ideal for use in agricultural settings where high-strength and high-stress resistance is important. Thermoplastics are thermally stable, do not become brittle and do not leach chemicals.

"Their inherent strength and flexibility make them versatile across a broad range of use and can be re-melted and re-moulded many times again which we regard as a positive ecological characteristic," he said.

The plastic comes from recycled general industrial and domestic graded waste plastic products such as drinking bottles, bags and semi rigid plastic single use containers – all of which were previously sent to landfill.

These posts can be sawn, nailed, screwed into, shot fired into, mechanically knocked into place and once installed they do not need to be replaced. LL Plastic is based at Pomathorn Mill, Penicuik, near Edinburgh.