Agricultural equipment dealership, Gerety Farm Machinery, based in Co Longford, Ireland, has moved into manufacturing with an unrolling device for dispensing round bales of hay and silage.

The Gerety machine is similar in concept to a number of such devices from established manufacturers that are used as a simple means of placing forage along feed barriers in buildings or in strips out in the field. A feature that distinguishes the Balemaster from others of its ilk, however, is a built-in hydraulic side-shift mechanism that provides 43cm of sideways adjustment.

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This allows the machine to be operated on a relatively large tractor, or one fitted with wide wheels and tyres while keeping a comfortable distance from a stock shed feed barrier yet delivering forage within easy reach of the cattle.

The Balemaster is largely constructed from galvanised steel, with only the tractor three-point mounting headstock, drive rollers and bale retaining extensions having a painted finish. It comprises a conveyor formed from square-section bars with spikes welded along their length to get a good purchase on the bale, and with a stainless steel floor panel retaining any loose material that falls from the bale so it can be swept off to the feed barrier.

Bales can be placed on board using any type of loader but for one-machine operation, the unrolling bed can be separated from the headstock to reveal a pair of bale spikes.

The two 50mm tines are bolted to the headstock unit for easy replacement and are of unequal length so that only the longer one has to be lined up when coupling up the bed again after loading; a latching mechanism automatically engages to keep the two assemblies together.

Although the unrolling bed could potentially handle well-shaped bales without drama – there is a rear retention plate and one on the headstock at the front – two high set rollers positioned over either end of the conveyor keeps misshapen bales on board until fully discharged.

Gerety Farm Machinery prices the Balemaster at around £5065, depending upon final specification.

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