A new bacterial bedding conditioner which can help improve cubicle environment, cow comfort and welfare, has been launched by Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Speaking at its launch, Lientjie Colahan, animal environment products manager at Lallemand, explained that the new biological bedding conditioner – EazyBed PRO – could help maintain air quality inside the shed and reduce the risk of environmental mastitis in a more natural way.

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“EazyBed PRO utilises a blend of bacteria and enzymes to encourage the growth of positive microorganisms in the bedding area which can then out-compete the bad bacteria,” she explained. “The resulting improvement in the cubicle environment can help reduce somatic cell counts and cases of environmental origin mastitis.”

There was also a positive knock-on effect on air quality. “The bacteria in EazyBed PRO also work against the bacteria that create ammonia (NH3). A recent trial indicated that the product reduced NH3 emissions by up to 50%, maintaining the housing’s air quality as a result,” she said.

Compared to traditional lime-based disinfectants, this new biological alternative is soft to touch and non-abrasive. “It is anti-caking and non-irritating to the cow’s skin, hocks and teats. This also proves advantageous when handling the product, with users finding it much less harsh to apply,” added Mrs Colahan.

"The absorption properties of the bedding are improved when using EazyBed PRO, with dryness typically increasing by up to 20-30%. This extends the lifespan of the bedding, reducing the labour and other costs associated with maintaining and cleaning indoor housing,” she said.

The recommended application rate is 200g per cubicle per week for dairy cows in a cubicle environment. “For producers wanting to positively influence bedding quality and enhance cow comfort, introducing a non-hazardous bedding conditioner is a good option,” she concluded.

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