A new service from Genus ABS aims to help dairy farmers predict and improve their herd’s future performance and make faster genetic progress.

Its GENEadvance system is said to combine genetic expertise with the latest in genomic technology and market-leading genetics. It can help improve the selection accuracy of herd replacements and help farmers to make better-informed breeding decisions

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How does it work?

By using insights gathered from genomic testing females in customers' herds, Genus ABS said it could accurately predict their future genetic merit and rank them based on traits which are important to the farmer’s business goals and system.

Working alongside Genus ABS’ experts, farmers can then make better-informed breeding decisions such as which animals should be used to create herd replacements, and which would be best bred to beef.

Following this, Genus ABS’ genetic specialists will provide a personalised genetic mating plan which meets the customer’s specific needs and future goals. Regular genetic reviews will demonstrate the progress made and show the value the service has delivered.

What sets it apart?

Hugh Ratcliffe, UK general manager at Genus ABS, said: “This service takes the guesswork out of breeding herd replacements and provides the expert support many farmers want when genomic testing.

"GENEadvance provides farmer customers with an amazing opportunity to make the next step change in genetic improvement in their herds. Genomic testing improves the accuracy of selection decisions versus using parent averages when making breeding decisions.

"But it is more than that. We will provide our expertise throughout the service, helping identify goals and strategy, providing a customised mating plan to create replacements from the highest ranked females in their herds with our genetics,” he added.

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