Increased milk yields in first lactation can be achieved using the Alltech milk supplement Bio-Mos® , according to trial results which show average results of 0.06kg more weight gain per day in pre-weaned dairy calves and 3.8kg increased weight for calves weaned at two months of age.

Meta-analysis conducted by Dr Anna Catharina Berge of Berge Veterinary Consulting BVBA concluded that Bio-Mos® supplementation in milk or milk replacer found the long-term improved performance in heifers with improved pre-weaning growth is equivalent to almost 100kg more milk in the first lactation, generating additional farm income, and improving gut health and digestive function.

“The results are a significant improvement in average daily weight gain,” said Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer and vice president of corporate accounts at Alltech. “This improvement leads to greater returns for the producer through enhanced milk production, health and development, and long-term productivity.”

The meta-analysis included 23 cohort studies performed in USA, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, India, Japan, Peru, Poland, Spain, and Turkey between 1993 and 2012. Bio-Mos was supplemented at 2-10gms per day, with an average inclusion of 3.8gms per day. Twenty-one of the studies reported an increase in daily weight gain for calves fed Bio-Mos in milk or milk replacer compared to control calves.