A chance to sign up for a free Lifetime Dairy appraisal has been offered by Mole Valley Farmers in its new Ruminant Bulletin.

With Brexit on the horizon, Julie Edwards, head of marketing and communications, says the importance of maximising farm efficiencies has never been stronger. As such, having access to the latest thinking in dairy cow management is a must.

“That’s where a Lifetime Dairy appraisal can help,” she says. “One of our Lifetime Dairy specialists can come on to farm, help identify farm bottlenecks and offer advice on how to address them. It’s about helping farmers to make their businesses as efficient as possible, which is essential whatever the climate, but especially in light of Brexit. Ultimately, that comes back to having, healthy, productive, long-lived cows.”

Launched at last year’s Dairy-Tech event, scores of farmers have already benefited from undertaking an appraisal, which looks at the four main stages of the cow’s life; the calf, the heifer, the transition cow and the lactating animal. The Mole Valley Farmers team then use the Lifetime Dairy Calculator to highlight the financial benefits of making improvements on individual farms.

Julie believes access to the latest thinking in dairy management and continual professional development will also help dairy farmers be the best they can, which was one of the reasons behind the launch of a Ruminant Bulletin at Dairy-Tech.

“The Ruminant Bulletin is designed for progressive dairy farmers and is focused on precision feeding of dairy cows, including calves and dry cows. It will look at mineral nutrition, utilisation of forage and provide access to the very latest research findings.”

Adopting cutting-edge technology will also aid business performance. That’s where innovative products such as the patented, specialist supplement, OmniGen-AF® can help. In numerous world-wide trials, OmniGen-AF® has been found to boost cow immunity, reduce health events and help to reduce antibiotic use on farms.

MoleCare Recover can also help address and prevent metabolic challenges around calving and maximise the performance of the cow, while the smart bolus, smaXtec helps detect heats, health problems and an imminent calving.