More than 2m cattle have been vaccinated against BVD using Bovela since its launch in 2015, which has confirmed it as the market-leader.

Recently released figures show that Boehringer Ingelheim’s live, one-shot BVD vaccine, propelled itself to being the UK’s market leading BVD vaccine in 2018.

“Since it was launched in March 2015, more than 2m cattle have been protected by Bovela in the UK and Republic of Ireland," said Bovela's brand manager, Matt Yarnall.

“Given that it is a truly innovative proposition for vets and farmers, its rapid uptake clearly shows that the one-shot primary course followed by flexible booster regime, were important factors.

“And, with eradication schemes now in place throughout the UK, the fact that it is a single dose vaccine that provides a full 12 months of live vaccine protection is obviously high in many vets’ and farmers’ decision-making process,” Mr Yarnall added.